Monday, August 08, 2005

EWW! a new job..

I now work at AM/PM..sounds kinda stupid but it's bonney lake, washington so how hard could that be?...graveyard shift selling is crap..but 20+ crap pay is better then 3 hours a week crap pay..well, I'm off soon...I thought I'd be happy having a place to pooh as chez' Racek is without a pooper..we feel like our pekenese who won't poop unless she is in her own backyard..(which means we've seen her hold "it" a week..and feel bad as we feed her "one more sausage"....exploding doggie is what we fear..

Saturday, August 06, 2005

great news..not so great news..

great news... the place that is thinking about hiring me has me in their sites. (Lori) the boss-mans main resource says that "Carl has been very busy and has had some emergencies On-site..with his other business. "they only interviewed two people total (me and one other) and the other wasn't nearly as experienced or outgoing as I". She also said" Robert, don't worry, you'll hear from us very soon in regards to this job." A pretty peasy desk job that has full benies and pays well to boot.

not so great news-
I took my son out yesterday for some fun and was vague about where we were going. He had a blast but it freaked out mumsie and BB. Mumsie not very happy about it. I'm off to work (for my one a week shift). Shilling games upon unsuspecting NEWBS.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

blog blog blog indeed..

well, all here at chez' Racek are busy busy working, thought I'd take a moment or two and write a post that someday I can become an insect....allie was up early painting wood pieces and unnailing them, mommy is doing sten-tel to help Lema and I am looking through job sites and contacting people(and waiting, forever waiting for that contrusction site to call with a positive answer..*crosses fingers and toes and anything else I can cross*...Marc loved the review on our site for his new book Hammerjack...(which is always nice to hear)...and we have book reviews and music and movies reviews already done by me (so I can more fully focus on JOB)..and not some measly little 3-6 hours a week doodah!..I want 30+ hours at tons of money payrate....insect is my goal..

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ultrasonic pekenese..

rosie is learning to make ultrasonic sounds(perhaps she is the one helping the giant humoungous spiders find their way to our wood pile in the back) there is a huge spider who just kinda looked at rachie and i..and started to spin his new web...he had some designs on his back(perhaps he was wearing a leather jacket with some sort of spider gang symbol on it.) we left him alone. the subsonic ultrasonic dog is driving me crazy...and boo boo(the master scavenger) is off finding food from where there was none..(or Bb's plate if she leaves the computer long enough to merit his wandering nose).wow! two posts in like 10 minutes..I'm still a microbe..sad little microbe..(At least I'm not a beaver..did you know that beavers (over 80% of them die from trees falling(while they are cutting them down)..rachie and I should open a beaver insurance company..

yes, mrs. beaver we can insure your damn..but not your know 4 out of 5 tree-cutting-down-beavers (which your husband is one of them) die from the trees falling i=on them..perhaps your husband should learn some new tree-falling techniques...just an idea..ultrasonic rosie is eating my brain, youv'e got to know your chicken. I know my chicken. more later..

any post from a insig microbe..(pout)

Here we go, another post another day. The toilet is working fine after the little mishap the other day...charlie and the chocolate factory is splendid. the updateed site is getting 4500 hits or so a day go visit and tell babybat that she's a great editor. read the tons -o-oreviews from yours truly. and perhaps even offer to help us. I'm off to paint the back porch again...and again and again..more later (now that I realise that you cant get here from looking at your blog..(how silly is that)..

Monday, July 25, 2005

another day..some more swimming..

hey all you , there out in blogland...I went out with ed today to play a game called red was wierd..and I guess my hunnie didn't hear me say"I'm going out with ed for a bit"...oh, well had two online job interviews and one phone interview(first thing this morning)..but I think I did really well on that one..the capcom job would be a dream job(from home) we shall see eventually...its the second rei person to contact me(niether seem to know about each other)..I'd take either job if offered though..I love my snarked-at-me hunny...but I wish she'd sleep next to me for more then 20 minutes at a time.

Monday, July 18, 2005

of love and lust for all abounds..

I love my mummy and daddy..and my family and my b-mom Kathy...and my kitties and doggies..I love that whatever wierd games I like..we mostly get them free for review purposes..I love ice cream and having teeth..I love rachie and the fact that all of my ex-s ARE INDEED ex-s...I love bumblebees if they aren't stinging me..I don't love unfaithful people or wasps or genicide..(how many people are a genicide make? more than 1,000 I've been told.)

I don't love president GW bush..(I think he sucks balls...)..I think arnold might be a decent choice fore the 2008..

bye for now.. ramblingboi..

Saturday, July 16, 2005

of magicians and evil old men who diswallow canabilism

here it is 24 hours after we have been able to see willy wonka and 12b hours after we could have owned the newest Harry potter book. We here at Chez Racek are so "behind the times"..well..I'm off to find the new harry potter (after I serve my three hours..or two hours or 10 minutes of work at gamestop..(I never know how much the "boddguy" wants me to work until I get at the store..I'll be home sometime between 11:05 and 5p.m....will wonders never cease..
audio 5000 for now..will be back with HP5..